Old Town Bhubaneswar

Old Town Bhubaneswar is one of those urban areas that is crying out to become a heritage zone, with special regulations and guidelines on construction, development, activities etc. Not only is there a plethora of important ancient temples in the area, there are also dharamshalas (rest-houses), maths (monasteries) and residential buildings from the early 20th c and possibly even 19th c.

The two main landmarks of Old Town are the Bindu Sagar tank and the Lingaraja temple compound. The southern ghats of Bindu Sagar tank are roughly a hundred meters distant from the northern wall of the Lingaraja temple compound. The town lies between and around these two large landmarks. Some of the 19th/20th c structures could be turned into museums and interpretation centers, and the area as a whole can be dedicated to the preservation and showcasing of the temples, big and small. Unfortunately, India does not seem to be at a place socio-economically where such neighborhoods can exist. It will hopefully happen some time in the future.


Panoramas of Bindu Sagar tank, showing Ananta Vasudeva Temple and a couple of dharamshala buildings on its east bank.

old bhu 01 01

old bhu 01 02

old bhu 01 03


Brahma temple in the middle of Bindu Sagar. The Lingaraja temple spire can be seen in the first photo.

old bhu 01 04old bhu 01 05


Along Bindu Sagar Road, which runs along the east bank of the tank. The first photo was taken in front of Ananta Vasudeva temple, with the dharamshalas in the background. The second shows one of the two dharamshalas.

old bhu 02 01old bhu 02 02


Intersection of Bindu Sagar Road and Ganga-Jamuna Road, with the Gouri-Shankar or Gouri-Shankar-Ganesh temple at the center of the intersection. The plinth level of this old temple is much lower than the current road level, and a narrow flight of steps leads to the entrance of the temple.

old bhu 02 03old bhu 02 04old bhu 02 05old bhu 02 06


Buildings near the intersection.

old bhu 03 01old bhu 03 02old bhu 03 03


Nearby, the intersection of Rath Road and Bindu Sagar Road, with the compound wall and spires of Lingaraja temple visible.

old bhu 03 04old bhu 03 05


Along Rath Road, which runs between Bindu Sagar and the Lingaraja compound.

old bhu 04 01old bhu 04 02old bhu 04 03old bhu 04 04

Temples of the Papanasini Kund complex along Rath Road

papanasini 04 05

old bhu 04 05

The alley that leads from the western end of Rath Road to Yameshwar and Bakreshwar temples

old bhu 04 06


Between Rath Road and Bindu Sagar is a densely packed neighborhood with narrow alleyways, with temples dotted in between including the Sari temple, and Mohini and Markandeshwar temples along the banks of Bindu Sagar. The first photo is of the Sari temple complex, with multiple spires. We can also see the spire of another temple (photos in the previous post) in the distance behind, in another compound. The temple in the next photo is not far in the other direction. With this, we can imagine an urban landscape dotted with temples, if we remove the compound walls that separate them. We can imagine multiple heritage walks connecting these temples and small open area/squares around the temples.

sari 03 02

old bhu temples 02 02

The Jagamohan (mandap) of Sari temple sticking out onto its adjacent alley

sari 05 03


Lingaraja Temple Road, east of the temple compound

old bhu 05 01


Large tank east of Lingaraja.

old bhu 05 02old bhu 05 03old bhu 05 04

Buildings around the tank

old bhu 05 05


Buildings along Lingaraja Temple Road, moving southwards away from the temple.

old bhu 06 01old bhu 06 02old bhu 06 03old bhu 06 04old bhu 06 05old bhu 06 06old bhu 06 07

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