Achabal Bagh in the Winter

A few photos of the Mughal Gardens at Achabal in Kashmir, all snowed up in the winter. These gardens and waterworks date back to the 17th c AD and are supposedly also called Begampur Bagh, having been constructed by Nur Jahan. The last building in the sequence of pavilions over the central water channel hides a spring that feeds the water channels of the garden and then forms a stream through the town of Achabal. Continue reading


I had visited Jageshwar around 10 years ago for a short while on the way to Pataal-Bhuvaneshwar, and always wanted to get back there because I remembered the setting and temples to be beautiful. The main Jageshwar temple complex consists of a collection of large temples and smaller shrines all in close proximity, and it’s really nice to walk and sit around the temples. Continue reading

Tungnath idol procession video finally up!

When I wrote the post about my trip to the Himalayas earlier this year, I didn’t put up the video I took of a procession taking the Tungnath temple idol up from it’s winter “seat” to the temple itself, which was “opening” for the spring while I was there. I’ve finally put up the video, though it’s really grainy. Click here or on the image below to view the video, or go to the original post about my Tungnath trip. Keep the volume on your speakers up to hear the women’s wonderful singing! Continue reading