I had visited Jageshwar around 10 years ago for a short while on the way to Pataal-Bhuvaneshwar, and always wanted to get back there because I remembered the setting and temples to be beautiful. The main Jageshwar temple complex consists of a collection of large temples and smaller shrines all in close proximity, and it’s really nice to walk and sit around the temples.

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Jageshwar Main Temple Complex

The main temple complex is at Jageshwar village. The two larger temples are the Jageshwar and Mahamrityunjaya temples, the first of which is in the left foreground in the picture immediately below, and the second is in the right background.

Jageshwar main temple complex

Temple complex with the village looming behind

The shikhar of Mahamrityunjaya temple towering over the others

A pujari catching up with the news

Ritual fire pit

Temple side-building


Around Jageshwar

There are various other temples and groups of temples in the vicinity of Jageshwar, and the village itself is quite scenic.

The Kuber Group of temples near the village

Smaller shrines around the village

Jageshwar village main drag

Village building


The Vridh Jageshwar temple is a steep but beautiful 3km hike up a hill. Worth the effort just for the trek through settlements and then a pine and oak forest!

A small shrine on the way to Vridh Jageshwar

The path through pine and oak forests

Vridh Jageshwar temple


The Dandeshwar temple complex comes before Jageshwar on the approach road.

Dandeshwar temple complex


Roadside shrines on the road to Jageshwar

4 thoughts on “Jageshwar

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  3. Its strange that the Jageshwar temple complex is a “live” monument, but the nearby Dandeshwar complex has no worshiping. Some local legend is there about a curse on that complex.. Was there few weeks ago..


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