A Peek Into Colonial Agra, Mostly Along MG Road

In India when we think of British colonial architecture, we generally picture the “capital” architecture of Calcutta and Delhi, or then hill stations like Shimla, which the British escaped to for large parts of the year to escape the heat of Indian plains, which apparently they just couldn’t stand! However throughout India in cities and towns large and small, there exist rich troves of colonial architectural heritage Continue reading

Agra Idgah

The idgah at Agra, a 17th c (probably) Mughal structure, is a better architectural specimen than most idgahs in India, which are usually nothing more than a tall, long qibla wall with arched niches. This one is more like a large Mughal-style mosque with prayer hall, and is set at the end of a large walled garden. Continue reading

Historical (Architectural) Repercussions of Uneven Affections in Mughal Polygyny: Kandahari Begum’s Tomb Compound

We all know the story of the Taj Mahal, how the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built it as the tomb for his second and favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal, and that it is one of the greatest and most expensive testaments to romantic love in all of human history blah blah blah. However, also in Agra lies (or lay) the tomb of his first wife, Kandahari Begum. And what a difference between the two tombs! Continue reading