Sarson ke Khet is a journal of sorts, with photos and notes from my travels around Delhi and India. The blog focuses on issues relating to, and/or simply documents historical architecture and urbanism in Delhi/India. I am an architectural historian based out of Delhi.

The name “sarson ke khet” literally means “fields of mustard” (sarson = mustard, khet = field), and refers to the iconic imagery of lush mustard fields in northern India, with their small yellow flowers and bright green stems carpeting the landscape. Used here with irony (but not complete irony), the imagery of mustard fields has culturally represented bucolic nostalgia juxtaposed against the harshness of modern urban life, and when situated next to architectural history they refer to collective memories of culture and tradition, while also representing wider human cultural landscapes.

— Varun Shiv Kapur



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  1. Love your photographs and field work, admire your energy, photographic skill and stamina. Your work on Delhi is a very useful archive.


  2. Minutia exposed…..brilliant photographs. The blog will be of great help to other scholars working on similar projects. All the best!


  3. hi Varun. I liked your straight documentation of the place(s). Somewhat, a constructive deconstruction of and a breather from fancy travel writings, which i overdosed of late. Keep the good work going.


  4. Awesome site. Love the stories, photos, the walgreens alcohol swab bag. Each step in Delhi provides a new sign post, window, placard or arch to study. Thanks for taking those steps.


  5. Hey. Good informative stuff here :) plus coincidentally, on your blog, I found a lot of places from Delhi, Gwalior and Morena which I had also blogged about recently :) Best wishes…looking forward to read more from you!


  6. Your presentation/documentation is impressive indeed
    Having grown up in Nizamuddin East ( 1950-1964) it was nostalgic and enjoyable to go thru your blog about Nizamuddin East Area. Also learnt a lot.
    Being in distant lands such visual journeys take you back home.
    Later in life became an architect/landscape architect. When ever I visit home in Nizamuddin I like to adventure around the place.
    Next visit I will explore the more with new dimensions learnt from your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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