Temples in Technicolo(u)r

A while back at one of Delhi’s vanguard ethnic-chic stores, I found a novelty postcard on sale (very tongue-in-cheekily), with an image of a gaudily decorated goupram from the Sri Ranganathaswamy temple at Trichy in south India. I bought the postcard thinking the goupram must be uniquely kitschy in it’s sculpture and color palette, and was planning to post a scan of it on my blog as stand-alone kitsch. Here’s the postcard image: Continue reading

Dog Day Sholay

I put together this comparison many many moons ago, and thought I should add it to the blog. It’s between the posters of Dog Day Afternoon and (a part of the poster of) Sholay. Both movies were released in 1975, and I love the similarities – always with slight differences – between Al Pachino and Amitabh Bachchan – the stance, shirt, sleeves, collars, gun, hair, face, “angry yound man” expression etc etc. Since they were both released in the same year, I suspect it’s less a matter of ripping-off and more to do with the times!