Old Delhi’s Western Suburbs: Paharganj

For some of us, Paharganj is just the name of one of two entrances to New Delhi Railway Station, conjuring up images of a grimy and bustling transportation hub. Others might have memories of catching a movie at Sheila cinema back in the day, just north of the railway station. For others Paharganj is the neighborhood they pass through along the wide and dusty DB Gupta Road on their way from Ajmeri Gate to destinations in west Delhi. Continue reading

Old Delhi’s Old Cinema Halls

While exploring Old Delhi and adjoining areas like Sadar Bazaar and Pahar Ganj, I’ve come across some deliciously intriguing decades-old cinema halls. Some are doing fine, some just getting along, while some seem to have shut shop or might be under litigation. This post is a visual exploration of those theaters – I haven’t gone into their histories, though I’m sure each and every one would reveal interesting stories with a little digging into. I’m assuming that these cinema halls all came up between the 1950s and 80s, though dates would have to be confirmed. Continue reading