Old Delhi’s Western Suburbs: Ram Nagar

Ram Nagar is a small neighborhood off Qutb Road, to the north of the Paharganj entrance to New Delhi Railway Station, and contains many residences from the middle of the 20th c. For more background information and a location map, go to the introduction of this series of posts. Just to the north of Ram Nagar is the Qadam Sharif neighborhood with its 14th/15th c structures.


ram nagar 01 01ram nagar 01 02ram nagar 01 03ram nagar 01 04ram nagar 01 05ram nagar 02 01ram nagar 02 02ram nagar 02 03ram nagar 02 04ram nagar 02 05ram nagar 02 06ram nagar 02 07ram nagar 02 08ram nagar 02 09ram nagar 02 10ram nagar 02 11ram nagar 03 01ram nagar 03 02ram nagar 03 03ram nagar 03 04ram nagar 03 05ram nagar 03 06ram nagar 03 07

ram nagar 04 01

ram nagar 04 02

ram nagar 04 03ram nagar 04 04ram nagar 04 05ram nagar 04 06ram nagar 04 07ram nagar 04 08

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