Agra Idgah

The idgah at Agra, a 17th c (probably) Mughal structure, is a better architectural specimen than most idgahs in India, which are usually nothing more than a tall, long qibla wall with arched niches. This one is more like a large Mughal-style mosque with prayer hall, and is set at the end of a large walled garden.

Idgah compound

agra idgah 01

The prayer hall and qibla wall

agra idgah 02

agra idgah 03

Prayer hall interiors

agra idgah 04

agra idgah 05

agra idgah 06

agra idgah 07

Main gateway of the Idgah

agra idgah 08

Gulli-danda matches in the maidan outside the Idgah

agra idgah 09

The surrounding neighborhood and compound wall

agra idgah 10

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