Achabal Bagh in the Winter

A few photos of the Mughal Gardens at Achabal in Kashmir, all snowed up in the winter. These gardens and waterworks date back to the 17th c AD and are supposedly also called Begampur Bagh, having been constructed by Nur Jahan. The last building in the sequence of pavilions over the central water channel hides a spring that feeds the water channels of the garden and then forms a stream through the town of Achabal. Click here to go to the flickr set of these photos.


Entrance gates


Garden waterworks


Pavilion at the center of the garden


Pavilions and waterworks


The last pavilion of the garden hides a spring coming out of the mountainside


Huge trees in the garden


Looking back from the last pavilion onto the garden

3 thoughts on “Achabal Bagh in the Winter

  1. You never fail to delight me with your marvelous pictures! No wonder people called this part of the world Paradise.
    The architecture of these gardens( pavilions and such) is so very Persian. It is easy to mistake these pictures for those of Herat or Isfahan.


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