Odisha Style, Bhubaneswar: Yameshwar Temple

This temple complex lies further west of Papanasini and Makreshwar. Yameshwar is another example of the 13th c profusion in temple construction. A small shrine in the complex, possibly from the 7th c, is an indication that many of the existing temples in Bhubaneswar were built on the sites of earlier temples.


Yameshwar temple complex

yameshwar 01 01yameshwar 01 02yameshwar 01 03yameshwar 01 04yameshwar 01 05yameshwar 01 06yameshwar 01 07yameshwar 01 08yameshwar 02 01yameshwar 02 02


This small shrine from an earlier phase of temple building (possibly 7th c) rests at a lower ground level

yameshwar 02 03


The Natamandir pavilion of Yameshwar temple (compare with Konark)

yameshwar 02 04


Bakreshwar temple, also from the 13th c, near Yameshwar

yameshwar 02 05

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