Odisha Style, Bhubaneswar: Papanasini Kund Complex

The Papanasini complex lies to the north-west of the Lingaraja temple, west of Chitrakarini, and adjacent to a busy intersection. The central feature of the complex is a tank called the Papanasini Kund. Two temples lie to the north of the tank, and one small temple to the south, with a few scattered smaller shrines. The two temples to the north, Mitreshwar and Varuneshwar, are examples of the profusion of temple building that took place in (and around) the 13th c in Bhubaneswar under the Eastern Ganga rulers. Temples from this period include Ananta Vasudeva, Chitrakarini, Makareshwar, Yameshwar, Bakreshwar, and Sari (as well as the much larger projects at Konark and Puri).


Mitreshwar and Varuneshwar temples (I don’t know which is which) on the northern edge of Papanasini Kund

papanasini 01 01papanasini 01 02papanasini 02 01papanasini 02 02papanasini 02 03

Marakeshwar Temple (located across the road from the Papanasini complex) can be seen in the background in the photo below

papanasini 03 01papanasini 03 02papanasini 03 03papanasini 03 04papanasini 03 05


Views of the Papanasini complex from adjoining roads and intersection

papanasini 04 01papanasini 04 02papanasini 04 03papanasini 04 04papanasini 04 05


The small Mangaleshwar (?) temple with both Rekha and Pidha Deul, to the south of Papansini tank

papanasini 04 06

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