Roaming Around Puri

Since they don’t allow photography inside the Jagannath Puri temple, I had to make do just with photos of the main spire from the outside, along with photos of some of the buildings along Grand Road.

Construction of the Jagannath temple started in the 12th c. It was modeled on the late-11th c Lingaraja temple in Bhubaneswar, and just as in the case of Lingaraja the original structures were the main sanctum spire (Rekha Deul) and adjoining mandap (Jagamohan), and the other mandaps and side shrines in the compound came up in later centuries. Jagannath is much larger than Lingaraja, with the spire reaching 56.7 meters, compared to Lingaraja’s 36.5 meters.


Jagannath Temple from Grand Road. Grand Road is the street on which the temple raths of “juggernaut” fame are pulled during the Rath Yatra festival!

puri 01 02

puri 01 01puri 01 03puri 01 04

Temple gateway

puri 02 01puri 02 02puri 02 03

Looking back at Grand Road from in front of the temple

puri 02 05


Buildings along Grand Road, with many dharamshlas (rest houses for pilgrims) from the early to mid 20th c

puri 03 01puri 03 02puri 03 03puri 03 04puri 03 05puri 03 06puri 03 07puri 03 08puri 03 09puri 03 10puri 03 11

A deco building near the temple

puri 03 12


Deco building near the railway station

puri 06 01

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