Odisha Style, Bhubaneswar: Lingaraja Temple

The Lingaraja Temple is the largest in Bhubaneswar, with the sanctum tower rising 36.5 meters. The temple is set in a large walled complex, with many smaller shrines and structures around it. The main temple and its attached mandap (jagamohan) are from the late-11th c, with the additional mandaps and surrounding shrines from subsequent centuries. Lingaraja is also the most important temple in Bhubaneshwar from a religious standpoint, and so of course I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside the walled complex. The photos below are from outside the complex and from a viewing point constructed along the outside of the north wall.


Photos from outside the Lingaraja complex, starting from the south side and moving to the western wall.

lingaraja 01 01lingaraja 01 02lingaraja 01 03lingaraja 01 04lingaraja 01 05lingaraja 01 06lingaraja 01 07lingaraja 01 08


Photos from the northern viewing point

lingaraja 02 01lingaraja 02 02lingaraja 02 03lingaraja 02 04lingaraja 02 05lingaraja 02 06lingaraja 02 07lingaraja 02 08lingaraja 02 09


The main eastern entrance to the complex

lingaraja 03 01lingaraja 03 02

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