Odisha Style, Bhubaneswar: Bhaskareshwar Temple

This 12th c temple is different in design to the other Bhubaneswar temples, and the reason for that rests with the object of prayer inside the temple, which is a 3 meter high ‘lingam’. This lingam is possibly a section of a 3rd c BC Mauryan-era column. The lingam/column is rooted directly in the ground, and the temple has been constructed around the lingam. The plinth of the temple has openings at the center of each side, from which we can see the base of the column. The shrine-room above the plinth has no floor, and the top of the column sticks out from the plinth level into the shrine room, and is venerated like a lingam.


Bhaskareshwar Temple

bhaskareshwar 01 01bhaskareshwar 01 02bhaskareshwar 01 03bhaskareshwar 01 04bhaskareshwar 01 05bhaskareshwar 01 06bhaskareshwar 02 01bhaskareshwar 02 02bhaskareshwar 02 03bhaskareshwar 03 01bhaskareshwar 03 03bhaskareshwar 03 04

The lingam/column seen through one of the plinth openings

bhaskareshwar 03 05bhaskareshwar 03 06

The top of the lingam/column in the shrine room as the main object of veneration, and the shrine room has no real floor!

bhaskareshwar 03 07bhaskareshwar 04 01bhaskareshwar 04 02

Ganesh in one of the side niches

bhaskareshwar 04 03


bhaskareshwar 04 04

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