Odisha Style: Varahi Temple at Chaurasi

Chaurasi is a village close to Konark, with a Varahi temple from the late-10th c. The temple is contemporaneous with Mukteshwar in Bhubneswar, which marked the transition from the earlier style of Odia temples to the later style, but this temple follows the early style, with rectangular mandap. This temple also has a rectangular sanctum like Vaital Deul, and a tower that could be considered a version of the Khakhara Deul. Like other Khakhara Deul temples, this is also a Devi (in this case Varahi) temple.


Varahi Temple

chaurasi 01 01chaurasi 01 02chaurasi 01 03chaurasi 01 04chaurasi 01 05chaurasi 02 01chaurasi 02 02chaurasi 02 03chaurasi 02 04chaurasi 03 01chaurasi 03 02chaurasi 03 03chaurasi 03 04

chaurasi 03 05


chaurasi 03 06chaurasi 04 01

chaurasi 04 02


chaurasi 05 01chaurasi 05 02chaurasi 05 03chaurasi 06 01chaurasi 06 02chaurasi 06 03chaurasi 06 04chaurasi 06 05chaurasi 06 06chaurasi 07 01chaurasi 07 02chaurasi 07 03chaurasi 07 04chaurasi 08 01chaurasi 08 02chaurasi 08 03chaurasi 08 04


A Pidha Deul temple in Chaurasi

chaurasi 08 05

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