Odisha Style: Simhanath Temple

Simhanath is an island on the Mahanadi River, about 50km upstream of Cuttack as the crow flies. The villages of Gopinathpur and Baideswar are located near the island on the left and right banks of the river respectively. Simhanath temple on the island is an 8th c temple, built just after Parashurameshwar and very similar in style. The main temple has smaller shrines all around it, all situated in a pit with their plinths well below the current ground level. I accessed the island from Gopinathpur to the north. Odisha’s public transportation network (which is all private) is so bad that the trip from Bhubaneswar and back took me all day!


Simhanath island and Mahanadi river

simhanath 01 01simhanath 01 02simhanath 01 03simhanath 01 04simhanath 01 05

View from Simhanath hilltop

simhanath 01 06


Simhanath Temple

simhanath 02 01simhanath 02 02simhanath 02 03simhanath 02 04simhanath 03 01simhanath 03 02simhanath 03 03simhanath 03 04simhanath 03 05simhanath 03 06simhanath 04 01simhanath 04 02simhanath 04 03simhanath 04 04simhanath 04 05simhanath 05 01simhanath 05 02simhanath 05 03simhanath 05 04simhanath 05 05simhanath 05 06simhanath 05 07simhanath 05 08simhanath 05 09simhanath 06 01simhanath 06 02simhanath 06 03simhanath 06 04

A detached mandap-type structure, from a much later date.

simhanath 07 01simhanath 07 02simhanath 07 03simhanath 07 04simhanath 07 05simhanath 08 01simhanath 08 02simhanath 08 03simhanath 09 01simhanath 09 02simhanath 09 03


Another temple higher up the hill

simhanath 09 04

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