Odisha Style, Bhubaneswar: Parashurameshwar Temple

This mid-7th c AD temple initially consisted of only the sanctum and tower. The mandap (jagamohan) was added a little later. The form of the tower and mandap are similar to later examples of early Odia temples.


Parashurameshwar Temple

parashurameshwar 01 01parashurameshwar 01 02parashurameshwar 01 03parashurameshwar 01 04parashurameshwar 01 05parashurameshwar 01 06parashurameshwar 02 01parashurameshwar 02 02parashurameshwar 02 03parashurameshwar 02 04parashurameshwar 02 05parashurameshwar 02 06parashurameshwar 02 07parashurameshwar 02 08parashurameshwar 02 09parashurameshwar 02 10parashurameshwar 03 01parashurameshwar 03 02parashurameshwar 03 03parashurameshwar 03 04parashurameshwar 03 05parashurameshwar 03 06parashurameshwar 03 07parashurameshwar 03 08




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