Odisha Style, Bhubaneswar: Shatrughaneshwar Temple Group

The trio of temples known as the Shatrughaneshwar group are among the earliest examples of Odia temple architecture (early-7th c AD). They individually consist of only a square shrine room with tower rising above, without any mandap in front. While these temples are heavily reconstructed, we get a sense of their original massing. The Lakshmaneshwar and Bharateshwar temples contain only a small quantity of their original stonework. Shatrughaneshwar has a little more, giving more of an idea of what the original temples would have appeared like.


Lakshmaneshwar, Bharateshwar and Shatrughaneshwar temples

shatrughaneshwar 01 01


Shatrughaneshwar and Bharateshwar temples

shatrughaneshwar 01 02


Bharateshwar (with Shatrughaneshwar behind)

shatrughaneshwar 01 03shatrughaneshwar 01 04


Shatrughaneshwar Temple

shatrughaneshwar 02 01shatrughaneshwar 02 02shatrughaneshwar 02 03shatrughaneshwar 02 04shatrughaneshwar 03 01

shatrughaneshwar 03 02

shatrughaneshwar 03 03

shatrughaneshwar 03 04


Bharateshwar Temple

shatrughaneshwar 04 01shatrughaneshwar 04 02shatrughaneshwar 04 03shatrughaneshwar 04 04


Lakshmaneshwar Temple

shatrughaneshwar 05 01shatrughaneshwar 05 02


Sculptures from the temples

shatrughaneshwar 06 01shatrughaneshwar 06 02shatrughaneshwar 06 03shatrughaneshwar 06 04shatrughaneshwar 06 05

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