Odisha Style, Bhubaneswar: Ananta Vasudeva Temple

The late-13th c Ananta Vasudeva Temple is a smaller version of Lingaraja, and is the only Vaishnavite temple among the historic Bhubaneswar temples. Situated on the east bank of Bindu Sagar tank, this temple complex has the complete retinue of Odia temple structures in a line: the sanctum, Jagamohan, Natmandir and Bhogmandir (i.e. the sanctum tower/Rekha Deul with three mandaps/Pidha Deuls in front of it). It even has a small Pidha Deul shrine behind the sanctum.

The biggest mandap, the jagamohan, is profusely decorated with sculpture, though most are now damaged, and the mandap itself rests on metal supports. Ancillary rooms around the main temple are used as a large kitchen to cook copious amounts of meals as prasad.


Ananta Vasudev temple and Bindu Sagar tank (with another temple tower to the right)

anant 01 01

Street scene in front of the temple. The smoke in the photo below is coming from the kitchens

anant 01 02anant 01 03


Ananta Vasudev temple

anant 02 01anant 02 02anant 02 03


The Jagamohan covered in sculpture work

anant 03 01anant 03 02anant 03 03anant 03 04anant 03 05anant 03 06anant 04 01anant 04 02anant 04 03anant 04 04anant 04 05anant 04 06anant 04 07anant 04 08anant 04 09


Kitchen scenes

anant 05 01anant 05 02anant 05 03anant 05 04anant 05 05anant 05 06



anant 06 01


A crumbling side shrine within the complex

anant 06 02


An adjacent temple

anant 07 01anant 07 02anant 07 03


More scenes from the street in front of the temple, with many small shrine structures

anant 07 04anant 07 05anant 07 06

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