Odisha Style, Bhubaneswar: Sari Temple

Sari is another among the many 13-th c Eastern Ganga-era temples built around Old Town Bhubaneswar, between and around the Lingaraja compound and Bindu Sagar tank (see the Papanasini post for the non-exhaustive list of this set of temples). Sari is located in the narrow alleyways between Lingaraja and Bindu Sagar.


Sari Temple and adjacent free-standing Rekha Deul (sanctum tower), sometimes called Suka or Suka-Sari.

sari 01 01sari 01 02sari 01 03sari 02 01sari 02 02sari 02 03sari 02 04sari 02 05sari 03 01

sari 03 02sari 03 03sari 04 01sari 04 02sari 04 03

Smaller shrine in the same compound

sari 04 04

Part of the Pidha Deul (mandap) of Sari sticks out onto the adjacent street

sari 05 01sari 05 02sari 05 03sari 05 04sari 05 05sari 05 06

Part of the plinth sticking out into the neighboring plot

sari 06 01sari 06 02sari 06 03

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