Odisha Style, Bhubaneswar: “Subarnajaleshwar” and “Sureshwar” Temples

These two small temples are located east of the Bindu Sagar tank, along a water channel that runs around the north and east of Bindu Sagar. A road that winds from the Mukteshwar temple group towards Bindu Sagar, along which also lie the Swarnajaleshwar and Kotitirtheshwar temples, passes close to these temples.

On Google Maps, these temples are named Subarnajaleshwar and Sampoornajaleshwar. On Wikipedia, Sampoornajaleshwar is named Nagesvara. In the 1961 book “Archaeological Remains at Bhubaneswar” by KC Panigrahi, the author refers to Sampoornajaleshwar as Sureshwar, and compares the intricate sculpture on its lower portion to that on Mukteshwar temple, possibly dating this temple to the late-10th c.

Sureshwar is also a good example to see how the sculpture work on these Bhubaneswar temples was done in-situ, meaning that the base stones were arranges in place, the basic temple shape was constructed, and then the sculpture work was done on the in-place stones. In the Sureshwar example below (the last few images of this post), the lower portion (called bada) is intricately carved, while the tower above (gandi) is unadorned (possibly indicating that the temple is unfinished). This is in contrast to the method used, for example, on temples in Gujarat and Rajasthan, where the sculpture work was done on the stones before they were placed and attached together to create the temple form.


Subarnajaleshwar Temple

sampurnajaleshwar 01 01sampurnajaleshwar 01 02sampurnajaleshwar 01 03sampurnajaleshwar 01 04


Sureshwar from Subarnajaleshwar

sampurnajaleshwar 02 01sampurnajaleshwar 02 02


Sureshwar. Note the intricately carved lower portion and plain tower above.

sampurnajaleshwar 02 03sampurnajaleshwar 03 01

sampurnajaleshwar 03 02

sampurnajaleshwar 03 03sampurnajaleshwar 03 04

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