Odisha Style, Bhubaneswar: Markandeshwar Temple

This temple, like the Mohini temple a short distance away, is located at the edge of the Bindu Sagar tank, and like the Mohini and Shishireshwar temples is from the late-8th c. They all follow the design scheme of the Parashurameshwar temple, though the mandap of this one is new, built over the low base of an earlier mandap. The sanctum tower is very similar in style to the contemporary Shishireshwar temple.


Markandeshwar Temple

markandeshwar 01markandeshwar 02markandeshwar 03markandeshwar 04markandeshwar 05markandeshwar 06markandeshwar 07markandeshwar 08


Decorative structure, part of the wall along the Bindu Sagar tank, near the Markandeshwar Temple

markandeshwar 09

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