Odisha Style: Madhukeshwar Temple at Mukhalingam

Near the northern tip of Andhra Pradesh is the small town of Mukhalingam, which once was the location of Kalinganagara, the capital of the early Eastern Ganga rulers. What remains of this capital are two temples from the 8th c and one from the 10th c, all built in the early Odia style. The Madhukeshwar Temple, one of the 8th c temples, is the largest of the three. It is set in a walled compound, with subsidiary shrines at each corner of the compound.

The temple mandap is rectangular like other early Odia temples, but does not follow the typical style of the Parashurameshwar temple mandap at Bhubaneswar. Instead, it is similar to the mandap of the Vaital Deul temple (late-8th c), with each corner occupied by small shrines.

While the mandap’s outer walls are covered with sculpture, the main sanctum tower is relatively plain and bare. The difference in the treatment of the mandap and sanctum exterior is so stark that I’m tempted to think that the sanctum as it exists is a later addition, and that there was once an original sanctum that corresponded more to the sanctum structure of the Vaital Deul temple. Also, in the Madhukeshwar temple, the first entry gateway to the compound, the main doorway of the mandap, as well as shrines located along the enclosure walls are all topped with three small amalakas, just like the rectangular sanctum tower of Vaital Deul. So I really wonder if Madhukeshwar once had a rectangular sanctum and Khakhara Deul style tower, similar to Vaital Deul, instead of the plain tower it has now! Of course this is pure speculation, and I haven’t gone deep enough into the study of these temples to do anything other than speculate, but I find it an interesting stylistic issue.


Street in front of Madhukeshwar temple – downtown Mukhalingam

madhukeshwar 11 06

View of Madhukeshwar from the street

madhukeshwar 01 02madhukeshwar 01 03madhukeshwar 01 04

First gateway (with three small amalakas on top)

madhukeshwar 01 05madhukeshwar 02 02madhukeshwar 02 03madhukeshwar 02 04madhukeshwar 03 01

Second gateway

madhukeshwar 03 02madhukeshwar 03 03madhukeshwar 03 04


Corner shrines from outside the inner enclosure

madhukeshwar 04 01madhukeshwar 04 02

Corner shrine and main tower

madhukeshwar 04 03madhukeshwar 04 04

These elongated shrines along all three walls (south, west and north) of the enclosure all have the three small amalakas pattern

madhukeshwar 04 05


Mandap front (east) entrance

madhukeshwar 05 01madhukeshwar 05 02madhukeshwar 05 03madhukeshwar 05 04madhukeshwar 05 05madhukeshwar 05 06madhukeshwar 05 07madhukeshwar 05 08madhukeshwar 05 09


South side

madhukeshwar 06 01madhukeshwar 07 01

The contrast between the treatment of the mandap and sanctum/tower exterior is stark

madhukeshwar 07 02madhukeshwar 07 03madhukeshwar 07 04madhukeshwar 07 05madhukeshwar 07 06madhukeshwar 07 07madhukeshwar 08 01madhukeshwar 08 02madhukeshwar 08 03

Southeast corner shrine

madhukeshwar 09 01

Shrine along the south wall

madhukeshwar 08 05

Southwest corner shrine

madhukeshwar 08 04


madhukeshwar 09 03madhukeshwar 09 04


North side

madhukeshwar 10 01madhukeshwar 10 02madhukeshwar 10 03madhukeshwar 10 04madhukeshwar 10 05madhukeshwar 10 06madhukeshwar 10 07

Northwest corner shrine

madhukeshwar 11 01madhukeshwar 11 02

Northeast corner and adjacent shrine

madhukeshwar 11 03madhukeshwar 11 04madhukeshwar 11 05


Madhukeshwar from the southwest corner

madhukeshwar 01 01

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