Odisha Style: Bhimeshwar & Someshwar Temples at Mukhalingam

Bhimeshwar temple is ostensibly from the 8th c, like the larger Madhukeshwar, and the basic layout of the two temples is the same, except Bhimeshwar seems to have a sort of antralay between the mandap and sanctum. The sanctum towers are in the same style. The mandap has an entrance from the front (east) and side (south) just like Madhukeshwar, but the Bhimeshwar mandap is almost completely devoid of ornamentation, with plain stone walls. Continue reading

Old Town Bhubaneswar

Old Town Bhubaneswar is one of those urban areas that is crying out to become a heritage zone, with special regulations and guidelines on construction, development, activities etc. Not only is there a plethora of important ancient temples in the area, there are also dharamshalas (rest-houses), maths (monasteries) and residential buildings from the early 20th c and possibly even 19th c. Continue reading