Uttiramerur: Sundara Varadaraja Perumal Temple

Uttiramerur is a town south of Kanchipuram, in which are located two early-9th c Pallava temples. These temples are stylistically different from the earlier Pallava temples at Kanchipuram. While the outer walls of the Kanchipuram temples are ornately covered with sculpture, these later Uttiramerur temples have much barer walls, similar to later Chola temples.

The Sundara Varadaraja Perumal temple is dedicated to Vishnu, and like the Vaikuntha Perumal temple in Kanchipuram has three sanctuaries stacked one on top of the other at three different levels. Only the sanctuary structure is from the Pallava era, the surrounding corridors, mandapas, gateways etc are all from later times.


Entrance gopuram and mandapas

uttiramerur 01 01uttiramerur 01 02uttiramerur 01 03uttiramerur 01 04uttiramerur 01 05

Junction between the Pallava sanctuary structure and later mandapa

uttiramerur 02 01uttiramerur 02 02

Later colonnade surrounding the sanctuary

uttiramerur 02 03uttiramerur 02 04uttiramerur 02 05uttiramerur 02 06uttiramerur 02 07


Much of the plaster ornamentation on the sanctuary tower is more recent. The stone sculpture work on the base of the sanctuary is from the Pallava period

uttiramerur 03 01uttiramerur 03 02uttiramerur 03 03uttiramerur 03 04uttiramerur 03 05uttiramerur 03 06uttiramerur 04 01uttiramerur 04 02uttiramerur 04 03uttiramerur 04 04uttiramerur 04 05uttiramerur 04 06

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