Kanchipuram Town

Kanchipuram has temples from the Pallava, Chola, Vijaynagar and Nayaka periods, all the way from the 8th c to the 17th c. The town’s stock of residential buildings is quite impressive as well, with colonial and desi deco styled buildings, as well as ‘traditional’ pitched-roof houses.


Colonial and desi deco style houses from around Kanchipuram

kanchipuram 01 01kanchipuram 01 02kanchipuram 01 03kanchipuram 01 04

Art deco detailing on the grills of a temple structure, at the Ekambareshwar temple

kanchipuram 01 05kanchipuram 01 06kanchipuram 01 07kanchipuram 01 08kanchipuram 01 09kanchipuram 01 10kanchipuram 01 11

This one is probably from the 1960s-70s

kanchipuram 01 12kanchipuram 02 01kanchipuram 02 02kanchipuram 02 03kanchipuram 02 04kanchipuram 02 05kanchipuram 02 06kanchipuram 02 07kanchipuram 02 08kanchipuram 02 09kanchipuram 02 10kanchipuram 02 11kanchipuram 02 12

kanchipuram 02 13


The road leading up to the western gopuram of the Vardaraja temple is lined with a fascinating array of colonial-style (and more traditional) residences, many with large Vaishnavite caste-marks on the buildings themselves. It seems like some of these buildings are being used as shrines.

kanchipuram 03 01kanchipuram 03 02kanchipuram 03 03kanchipuram 03 04kanchipuram 04 01


More modest (some not so modest) dwellings with more traditional elements.

kanchipuram 04 02kanchipuram 04 03kanchipuram 04 04kanchipuram 04 05kanchipuram 05 01kanchipuram 05 02kanchipuram 05 03kanchipuram 05 04

Old and new

kanchipuram 05 05kanchipuram 05 06kanchipuram 05 07kanchipuram 05 08


The town is dotted with mandapas and small temples and shrines

kanchipuram 06 01kanchipuram 06 02kanchipuram 06 03

Shelter of a large temple chariot

kanchipuram 06 04kanchipuram 06 05kanchipuram 06 06

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