Kanchipuram: Ekambareshwar Temple

This is the largest temple in Shiva Kanchi (the larger part of Kanchipuram that is dominated by Shaivite temples) and the most important from a contemporary religious standpoint. The temple structures mostly date back to the 16th and 17th c AD.

Ekambareshwar is one of those temples in Tamil Nadu where one can almost get lost in the labyrinthine arrangement of covered columned passageways, subsidiary shrines and other temple structures that have been built around the central shrine structure within the inner enclosure!


The large southern gopuram of the outer enclosure is from the early 17th c

ekambareshwar 01 01ekambareshwar 01 02

Art deco grill-work on this small temple building adjacent to the outer gopuram!

ekambareshwar 01 03ekambareshwar 01 04

Another gopuram on an inner enclosure

ekambareshwar 01 05


Mandapa in front of the innermost-enclosure entrance, with adjacent Nandi mandapa and tank.

ekambareshwar 02 01

ekambareshwar 02 02

ekambareshwar 02 03ekambareshwar 02 04ekambareshwar 02 05ekambareshwar 02 06ekambareshwar 03 01ekambareshwar 03 02ekambareshwar 03 03ekambareshwar 03 04ekambareshwar 03 05


Columned passageways and shrines in the inner enclosure. This temple has a open-air courtyard behind the main shrine, in which is located a mango tree that is part of the mythology of the temple.

ekambareshwar 04 01ekambareshwar 04 02ekambareshwar 04 03ekambareshwar 04 04ekambareshwar 04 05ekambareshwar 04 06ekambareshwar 04 07

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