Kanchipuram: Jwarahareshwar Temple

Kanchipuram continued to be a religious center after the Pallava period ended at the end of the 9th c AD. There are a number of Chola-era temples around town. The Jwarahareshwar temple is a 12th c example that has not been expanded upon or become part of a larger temple complex. It has an unusual elliptical-shaped sanctum.


The modest entrance gopuram of Jwarahareshwar temple

jwarahareshwar 01 01jwarahareshwar 01 02jwarahareshwar 01 03jwarahareshwar 02 01jwarahareshwar 02 02jwarahareshwar 02 03

The temple has a columned and an enclosed mandapajwarahareshwar 02 04jwarahareshwar 02 05jwarahareshwar 02 06jwarahareshwar 02 07

jwarahareshwar 02 08


jwarahareshwar 02 09jwarahareshwar 03 01jwarahareshwar 03 02jwarahareshwar 03 03jwarahareshwar 03 04jwarahareshwar 03 05jwarahareshwar 03 06jwarahareshwar 04 01jwarahareshwar 04 02jwarahareshwar 04 03jwarahareshwar 04 04jwarahareshwar 04 05jwarahareshwar 04 06jwarahareshwar 04 07

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