Kanchipuram: Vaikuntha Perumal Temple

This is the only Vaishnavite temple from the Pallava era in Kanchipuram. Built in the late-8th c AD, it has three shrines at three levels, one on top of the other (I don’t have photos of the inside though).

Vaikuntha Perumal Temple viewed from the adjacent road

vaikunth 01 01


The mandapa in front of the temple’s walled enclosure is a later addition

vaikunth 01 02vaikunth 01 03


Temple from outside its enclosure wall

vaikunth 01 04vaikunth 01 05vaikunth 01 06vaikunth 01 07vaikunth 01 08

Rearing yalis on the outside of the enclosure walls

vaikunth 02 01vaikunth 02 02vaikunth 02 03vaikunth 02 04vaikunth 02 05


Narrow passageway created between the main temple structure and the colonnade that runs all along the inner face of the enclosure wall

vaikunth 03 01vaikunth 03 02vaikunth 03 03vaikunth 03 04vaikunth 03 05vaikunth 04 01vaikunth 04 02


Sculpture panels run along the walls of the colonnade

vaikunth 04 03vaikunth 05 01vaikunth 05 02vaikunth 05 03


Sculpture work on the main temple structure

vaikunth 06 01vaikunth 06 02vaikunth 06 03vaikunth 06 04vaikunth 06 05


A mosque adjacent to the temple, near the temple tank. I’m not sure how old it is, but possibly from the 18th c?

vaikunth 07 01vaikunth 07 02

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