Uttiramerur: Kailasanatha Temple (and others)

This is the other temple in Uttiramerur that has parts from the Pallava period, the other being the Sundara Varadaraja Perumal temple. Both are from the early-9th c AD. The plain lower portion of the sanctuary is Pallava. The sanctuary tower and columns in the front mandapa are from the 11th c Chola period.


Kailasanatha Temple at Uttiramerur

uttiramerur 05 01uttiramerur 05 02uttiramerur 05 03uttiramerur 05 04uttiramerur 05 05uttiramerur 05 06uttiramerur 05 07uttiramerur 05 08uttiramerur 06 01uttiramerur 06 02uttiramerur 06 03


Another temple, adjacent to the bus stand, is the Vaikuntha Perumal Temple. Within its compound is a smart colonial-era building which houses many inscriptions found at Uttiramerur, from the Pallava and Chola period.

uttiramerur 07 01uttiramerur 07 02uttiramerur 07 03

Building housing the inscriptions

uttiramerur 07 04


A couple of desi deco structures in Uttiramerur

uttiramerur 08 01uttiramerur 08 02uttiramerur 08 03

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