Panamalai: Talagirishwara Temple

Near the village of Panamalai is located an early-8th c AD Pallava temple known as Talagirishwara. It is situated on a granite outcrop next to a lake (hence the name). Like the Kanchipuram Pallava temples that it is contemporaneous with, and unlike the later Uttiramerur Pallava temples, Talagirishwara has the rearing-lion-yali sculptures on its sanctuary outer walls. Only the sanctuary structure is from the Pallava era, the adjoining mandapa and shrines are from the Vijaynagar period.


Talagirishwara temple visibly on the rocky hill, surrounded by paddy crops

panamalai 01 01panamalai 01 02

The rocky landscape around the lake. This temple is situated south of the Gingee area, and the landscape is very similar

panamalai 01 03panamalai 01 04panamalai 01 05panamalai 01 06panamalai 01 07panamalai 01 08panamalai 01 09

Shrine at the foot of the stairs leading up to the temple

panamalai 02 01

Durga shrine amongst the rocks

panamalai 02 02panamalai 02 03


Talagirishwara temple

panamalai 03 01panamalai 03 02panamalai 03 03panamalai 03 04panamalai 03 05panamalai 03 06panamalai 03 07panamalai 03 08panamalai 03 09panamalai 03 10panamalai 03 11panamalai 04 01panamalai 04 02panamalai 04 03panamalai 04 04panamalai 05 01panamalai 05 02panamalai 05 03panamalai 05 04panamalai 05 05

Inside the mandapa

panamalai 06 01panamalai 06 02panamalai 06 03panamalai 06 04panamalai 06 05panamalai 06 06panamalai 06 07

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