South of Vellore in the village of Tirumalai is a Jain complex with structures from the 16th c. There are paintings in some of the rooms, which I did not access. The complex is at the base of a granite outcrop.


tirumalai 01 01tirumalai 01 02tirumalai 01 03tirumalai 01 04tirumalai 01 05tirumalai 02 01tirumalai 02 02tirumalai 02 03tirumalai 02 04tirumalai 02 05tirumalai 03 01tirumalai 03 02tirumalai 03 03tirumalai 03 04tirumalai 04 01tirumalai 04 02tirumalai 04 03tirumalai 05 01


Views from the hillock

tirumalai 05 02tirumalai 05 03

Statue on the way to the top

tirumalai 05 04tirumalai 05 05tirumalai 05 06


Village house

tirumalai 05 07

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