Vellore Fort and Tombs of Tipu Sultan’s Family

The fortifications of Vellore Fort are an example of Vijaynagar-era (16th c AD) “sultanate influenced” fortifications. Inside the fort are a number of British-era buildings, as well as the 16th c Jalakanteshwara Temple.


Ramparts of Vellore Fort

vellore 01 01vellore 01 02vellore 01 03

The gopuram of Jalakanteshwara Temple can be seen in the photo below

vellore 01 04vellore 01 05vellore 01 06

A British-era building inside the fort

vellore 01 07


A little distance from the fort lie the tombs of the family of Tipu Sultan, who were kept at the fort after Tipu’s defeat. These include the tombs of Tipu’s mother and wife, from the first half of the 19th c.

The road from the fort to the tombs

vellore 01 08

The tomb complex

vellore 02 01vellore 02 02vellore 02 03vellore 02 04vellore 02 05vellore 02 06vellore 02 07vellore 02 08vellore 02 09vellore 02 10vellore 02 11vellore 02 12vellore 02 13


A dargah near Vellore Fort

vellore 02 14

3 thoughts on “Vellore Fort and Tombs of Tipu Sultan’s Family

  1. The fort reminds me of one in my hometown of Ahmednagar, MH. The town lies in a drought prone area and it is strange to think of the moat filled with water, which it never has been in the last 30-40 years. You guys should totally look up Ahmednagar in your research. Lot if history

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    • I went to Ahmednagar many years ago and am looking forward to going there again. Not just the fort, there are monuments all around outside Ahmednagar, including pleasure pavilions in the middle of large pools of water, of course now all dry. They must have had a robust water provision system!


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