Hampi Hopping, Outer Circuit: Around Anegundi

Photos from sites immediately around Anegundi village.

Huchchappa Matha, which looks like some kind of mandap, located close to the gateway (below) along the river across from Talarigattu.

anegundi 04 01anegundi 04 02anegundi 04 03anegundi 04 04anegundi 04 05

Gateway along the Tungabhadra river. This gateway lies directly across the river from Talarigattu, which is on the eastern edge of the Sacred Center of Vijaynagar

anegundi 05 01anegundi 05 02

Shrine near the gateway

anegundi 05 03

Looking across the river towards Talarigattu

anegundi 05 04

To the south-east of Anegundi village is the picturesque Chintamani Temple complex, with active shrines, natural caves and expansive eastward views of the river/riverbed

anegundi 06 01anegundi 06 02anegundi 06 03anegundi 06 04anegundi 06 05anegundi 06 06anegundi 06 07

Aqueduct crossing the riverbed north of Hampi Bazaar

anegundi 07 01

anegundi 07 02

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