Hampi Hopping, Sacred Center: Outside the Vitthala Temple

The Vitthala Temple is one of the gems of Vijaynagar, so I’m splitting it’s photos into three posts. This post covers the area around the temple enclosure. The Vitthala Temple and its long colonnaded street form the eastern limit of the Sacred Center of Vijaynagar.

The east gopuram of the temple is the largest

vitthala outside 01 01vitthala outside 01 02vitthala outside 01 03vitthala outside 01 04

Smaller south gopuram

vitthala outside 01 05

View of Vitthala Temple enclosure from the south-west (Raya-gopura/King’s Balance area)

vitthala outside 01 06

North-east of Vitthala is a smaller temple with its own shorter row of colonnades. On the walls of its doorway are bas-reliefs depicting scenes from the Mahabharat epic

vitthala outside 02 01vitthala outside 02 02

Fallen deepstambha of Vitthala Temple with the long colonnaded street stretching behind it

vitthala outside 02 03

Puskharini of Vitthala’s colonnaded street

vitthala outside 02 04vitthala outside 02 05vitthala outside 02 06

Composite columns at the gateway of the Pushkarini

vitthala outside 02 07

The small mandap at the eastern end of the colonnaded street denotes the eastern edge of the Sacred Center

bet tal kam 01 01

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