Hampi Hopping, Sacred Center: Vitthala Temple Subsidiary Structures

There are specific elements of the Vitthala Temple that are of historic and artistic importance, and many of these are present in the subsidiary structures. A prime example is the Garuda chariot (which is a Garuda shrine) in front of the main temple, which graces the back of the new Rs50 notes. I visited the temple on a busy day, and many people were taking photos holding out the currency note in front of the chariot.

The temple probably dates back to the late-15th or early-16th c AD, but a lot of the notable elements were added in the mid-16th c.

Main east gopuram from the early-16th c

vitthala compound 01 01vitthala compound 01 02

View of the forecourt

vitthala compound 02 01

Garuda shrine in the form of a chariot, mid-16th c addition. I might have gone overboard with photos of the chariot. Please bear with me. It really is quite an architectural/sculptural gem!

vitthala compound 02 02vitthala compound 02 03vitthala compound 02 04vitthala compound 02 05vitthala compound 02 06vitthala compound 02 07vitthala compound 02 08vitthala compound 02 09vitthala compound 02 10vitthala compound 03 01vitthala compound 03 02vitthala compound 03 03vitthala compound 03 04vitthala compound 03 05vitthala compound 03 06vitthala compound 03 07

The kalyan mandap has beautiful composite columns

vitthala compound 04 01vitthala compound 04 02vitthala compound 04 03vitthala compound 04 04vitthala compound 04 05vitthala compound 04 06vitthala compound 04 07vitthala compound 04 08

Looking between the kalyan mandap (right), and the main temple’s mahamandap towards the chariot shrine and another mandap behind it

vitthala compound 05 01

Side court

vitthala compound 05 02vitthala compound 05 03

The massive monolithic composite columns of the main temple’s mahamandap can be seen on the left. Kalyan mandap on the right.

vitthala compound 05 04

South gopuram

vitthala compound 06 01

Side shrine

vitthala compound 06 02

North gopuram and gnarly tree

vitthala compound 06 03

Back to the east gopuram

vitthala compound 06 04vitthala compound 06 05

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