Hampi Hopping, Sacred Center: King’s Balance Area

Between the Narasimha Temple area and Vitthala Temple lie the King’s Balance and adjoining monuments.

Gateway near King’s Balance

king balance 01king balance 02

Looking towards King’s Balance from the gateway

king balance 03king balance 04

King’s Balance and adjacent shrine

king balance 05king balance 06king balance 07king balance 08

Adjacent structure

king balance 09

The Tungabhadra near King’s Balance area. The ruined stone bridge is from the 14th c AD. We can see another monument across the river. The structure built on the riverbed is known as Purandaradasa Mandapa

king balance 10king balance 11king balance 12

Base and frame-columns of a ruined gateway, known as Raya-Gopura, with beautiful sculpture work

king balance 13king balance 14king balance 15king balance 16king balance 17king balance 18king balance 19king balance 20king balance 21king balance 22

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