Hampi Hopping, Outer Circuit: Anegundi Village

The Sacred Center of Vijaynagar runs along the south bank of the Tungabhadra River. Opposite this, along the north bank of the same section of the river are a set of dispersed monuments and sites, including a pool known as Pampasarovar, a hilltop pilgrimage site called Anjaynadri, the Anegundi fort and Anegundi village. I only had time to visit Anegundi village and the monuments immediately around it. Anegundi probably existed as a local stronghold before the city of Vijaynagar was established and built.

Gagan Mahal, a small Vijaynagar-era palace on the main square of Anegundi

anegundi 01 01

anegundi 01 02anegundi 01 03anegundi 01 04

anegundi 01 05anegundi 01 06anegundi 01 07anegundi 01 08anegundi 01 09anegundi 01 10anegundi 01 11anegundi 01 12

Also on the main square is the rath (chariot) of the village temple

anegundi 02 01

Stacked columns parts or amalkas creating the main square roundabout, in front of the village’s Ranganatha temple

anegundi 02 02

Ranganatha temple with discernible Vijaynagar-era elements

anegundi 02 03anegundi 02 04anegundi 02 05anegundi 02 06anegundi 02 07anegundi 02 08anegundi 02 09anegundi 02 10anegundi 02 11anegundi 02 12anegundi 02 13

Early-15th c Jain temple

anegundi 03 01

Mobile sugarcane-juice shop

anegundi 03 02

Village houses with columned front porches in the local style

anegundi 03 03anegundi 03 04

2 thoughts on “Hampi Hopping, Outer Circuit: Anegundi Village

    • I think it will. On the temple festival day the rath will be used to take the temple deity around the village streets in procession.

      Related fun trivia: if you don’t know it already, see the etymology of the word ‘juggernaut’!


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