Hampi Hopping, Outer Circuit: Between Talarigattu and Kamalapur

To the east of the Sacred and Royal Centers runs a road, north to south, from Talarigattu (Talari Ghat on the banks of Tungabhadra River) to Kamalapur town. Talarigattu is very close to the eastern terminus of the long colonnaded street of Vitthala Temple. The river is crossed here by boat to reach Anegundi village.

The monuments shown here are located along the road from north to south. (I missed Ahmad Khan’s mosque and tomb!)

The Tungabhadra river narrows at Talarigattu

anegundi 05 04

The small mandap at the eastern terminus of the Vitthala Temple colonnaded street, near Talarigattu

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Further south, Talarigattu Gate gives access through one of the lines of fortifications

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bet tal kam 02 03

The road near Talarigattu Gate

bet tal kam 02 04

Ganagitti Temple, a Jain shrine from the late-14th c AD, reminiscent of the early shrines on Hemakuta Hill and the Jain shrine east of the Lotus Mahal enclosure

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Bhima’s Gate near Ganagitti Temple

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Built into one of the lines of fortification, near the dargah of a saint are a few arcaded and colonnaded rooms

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