Hampi Hopping, Royal Center: Around Lotus Mahal Enclosure

To the immediate south and east of the Lotus Mahal enclosure and elephant stables are a scattering of interesting smaller structures. These lie on a road that started from the front of Hazara Rama Temple at the center of the Royal Center and led out of the center via a gateway to the east.

Ranga Temple to the south of the Lotus Mahal enclosure

around lotus 01 01around lotus 01 02around lotus 01 03around lotus 01 04around lotus 01 05around lotus 01 06

Ranga temple shikhar, Lotus Mahal enclosure watchtower with elephant stables behind, and more structures on the hillock in the background

around lotus 01 07

Jain temple from the early 15th c AD

around lotus 02 01around lotus 02 02around lotus 02 03

around lotus 02 04


around lotus 02 05

Jain temple facing small temples/mandaps on the other side of the road

around lotus 02 06

Small mandap

around lotus 03 01

around lotus 03 02around lotus 03 03around lotus 03 04

Mandap and temple

around lotus 03 05


around lotus 04 01around lotus 04 02around lotus 04 03around lotus 04 04around lotus 04 05around lotus 04 06around lotus 04 07around lotus 04 08around lotus 04 09

Gateway leading eastwards out of the Royal Center

around lotus 05 01around lotus 05 02around lotus 05 03around lotus 05 04around lotus 05 05around lotus 05 06around lotus 05 07

Another gateway, leading northwards out of the Royal Center towards the Sacred Center

around lotus 06 01around lotus 06 02around lotus 06 03

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