Hampi Hopping, Royal Center: Mahanavami Platform

In one of the a larger enclosures of the Royal Center sits the unique Mahanavami Platform, said to be used by the Vijaynagar rulers for ceremonies related to Navratri festivities. It is a high platform that rises in multiple levels. The top level has evenly-spaced stone bases which once supported the wooden columns of a superstructure.

The 14th c AD levels made out of granite are covered with bas-relief sculptures. In the 16th c the west face of the platform was clad with green schist stone which allows for much finer sculptural work.

Mahanavami Platform west face with schist stone cladding

mahanavami 01 01mahanavami 01 02mahanavami 01 03mahanavami 01 04mahanavami 01 05mahanavami 01 06mahanavami 01 07mahanavami 01 08mahanavami 01 09mahanavami 01 10

South face covered with bas-relief sculpture on granite

mahanavami 01 11mahanavami 01 12mahanavami 01 13mahanavami 01 14mahanavami 01 15

View of east face

mahanavami 01 16

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