Hampi Hopping, Royal Center: Mahanavami Platform Enclosure

The large enclosure that houses the Mahanavami Platform also contains many other palace ruins.

General view of the enclosure from the top of Mahanavami Platform

mahanavami 02 01mahanavami 02 02

Stepped well unearthed in the 1980s

mahanavami 02 03mahanavami 02 04

Water channel

mahanavami 02 05mahanavami 02 06

Palace structure (or pool?)

mahanavami 02 07

Plinths of various palace structures. The superstructures made of material such as wood, brick, plaster etc have long gone

mahanavami 02 08mahanavami 02 09mahanavami 02 10mahanavami 02 11mahanavami 02 12mahanavami 02 13

Underground chamber, with schist columns and other elements from an earlier 11th or 12th c AD temple

mahanavami 02 14mahanavami 02 15mahanavami 02 16

Audience Hall

mahanavami 02 17

Audience Hall in the foreground and Mahanavami Platform in the background

mahanavami 02 18

Structure near the Audience Hall

mahanavami 02 19mahanavami 02 20

Walls and fortifications around the enclosure. The first image includes the Mahanavami Platform

mahanavami 03 01mahanavami 03 02mahanavami 03 03mahanavami 03 04mahanavami 03 05

Space between two enclosures

mahanavami 03 06

Wooden door panels displayed outside the enclosure

mahanavami 03 07mahanavami 03 08mahanavami 03 09


mahanavami 03 10

Gateway plinth between Mahanavami Platform enclosure area and Hazara Rama Temple area

mahanavami 03 11

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