Hampi Hopping, Royal Center: Other Palace Enclosures

Photos from some of the other palace enclosures in the Royal Center of Vijaynagar.One of the other main enclosures is labeled “the mint”, though there does not seem to be any mint there. Another is labeled “nobleman’s quarters”, which is probably closer to the truth.

Sultanate-style masonry audience/reception hall. This structure (or what remains of it) looks like a mosque at first glance, but it does not face towards Kaaba (nor does it have a mihrab niche). In the “mint” area

other palaces 01 01other palaces 01 02other palaces 01 03other palaces 01 04

Octagonal two-storied pavilion in “the mint”

other palaces 01 05other palaces 01 06other palaces 01 07

Other images from “the mint”

other palaces 01 08other palaces 01 09other palaces 01 10other palaces 01 11other palaces 01 12

Typical plinths of palace buildings with their superstructure of wood, brick and plaster missing

other palaces 01 13other palaces 01 14other palaces 01 15

“Noblemen’s quarters” area, with more palace building plinths

other palaces 02 01other palaces 02 02other palaces 02 03other palaces 02 04other palaces 02 05other palaces 02 06other palaces 02 07

Ruins near the archeological office, between the Lotus Mahal enclosure and Hazara Rama Temple. Looks like a gateway and/or parts of a royal compound with reception hall

other palaces 02 08other palaces 02 09other palaces 02 10

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