Hampi Hopping, Outer Circuit: Malyavanta Raghunatha Temple

The landscape around Hampi is associated with Kishkinda, the land of Hamuman and Sugriv from the Ramayan epic, and various locations in the landscape are associated with specific events from the epic. Malyavanta Hill is one such example, said to be the place where Ram and Lakshman took shelter during the monsoon season. On the hill, which is easily identifiable to the east on the Talarigattu-Kamalapur road, is located the (Vijaynagar-era) Raghunatha Temple.

The large south gopuram seen from the approach road

malyavanta 01 01

East gopuram in perpetual conversation with the large boulder in front of it

malyavanta 01 02malyavanta 01 03malyavanta 01 04

Temple complex from the top of the hill

malyavanta 01 05malyavanta 01 06

Looking towards the mahamandap from the east gopuram doorway

malyavanta 01 08

East gopuram from the inside

malyavanta 01 07


malyavanta 01 09

Mahamandap, ardhmandap with entrance portico and then the antaralay/shrine/circumambulatory enclosure

malyavanta 01 10malyavanta 01 11malyavanta 01 12

The main shrine houses a large boulder which protrudes out above the roof like a shikhar (tower). Topping off the boulder is a constructed votive shikhar. The temple is built around this boulder, under which Ram and Lakshman are said to have sheltered, and on which now are sculpted large bas-reliefs of Ram, Lakshman, Sita and Hanuman.

Boulder/shikhar in/of the main shrine

malyavanta 01 13malyavanta 01 14

The structure to the left in the photo is the Devi shrine, in its regular position but looking somewhat larger than usual

malyavanta 01 15

Side mandap

malyavanta 01 16malyavanta 01 17

South gopuram

malyavanta 01 18

Enclosure wall

malyavanta 01 19

Lines of lingas and Nandis chiselled into the living rock of the hill

malyavanta 01 20

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