Hampi Hopping, Outer Circuit: Pattabhirama Temple

A little further east of Kamalapur is the large Pattabhirama Temple, probably from the 16th c. This temple is comparable in size to but less ornate than the Vitthala Temple. The plainness of its exterior allows us to easily see the basic layout of Vijaynagar-era temples, with their open columned mahamandaps, closed ardhmandaps with side entrance porches, and antaralay and shrine with enclosing circumambulatory passageway. Around the main temple structure the large bare courtyard allows us to easily mark out the main east gopuram, the colonnade running along the entire length of the perimeter wall interior, the Devi shrine to the north-west of the main shrine, and a mandap located along the south wall of the front (east) courtyard.

This temple lay just outside and to the south-east of the urban core of Vijaynagar, in one of the  ‘suburbs’ of the city.

Temple from outside

pattabhirama 01 01pattabhirama 01 02

Large east gopuram

pattabhirama 01 03pattabhirama 01 04pattabhirama 01 05

Temple from the front, with mahamandap and garud shrine in front

pattabhirama 02 01pattabhirama 02 02pattabhirama 02 03pattabhirama 02 04pattabhirama 02 05

Side views

pattabhirama 02 06pattabhirama 02 07

Sanctum tower surrounded by enclosed circumambulatory

pattabhirama 02 08pattabhirama 02 09pattabhirama 02 10

Main shrine and side Devi shrine

pattabhirama 02 11

View from the south-west

pattabhirama 02 12pattabhirama 02 13pattabhirama 02 14pattabhirama 02 15

Devi shrine

pattabhirama 02 16

Gopuram and mahamandap

pattabhirama 02 17

Mahamandap interior. The perimeter columns are composite, but not very ornate or complex

pattabhirama 03 01pattabhirama 03 02pattabhirama 03 03pattabhirama 03 04

Mandap in the east court with rectangular central aisle and composite columns

pattabhirama 04 01pattabhirama 04 02pattabhirama 04 03pattabhirama 04 04pattabhirama 04 05

Pushkarini to the east of the temple

pattabhirama 04 06

Gateway with domed structure, now being used as a temple

pattabhirama 05 01

pattabhirama 05 02

pattabhirama 05 03pattabhirama 05 04

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