Hampi Hopping, Outer Circuit: East of Kamalapur

East and south of the Pattabhirama Temple are two smaller temples, marked on the map in the ASI guidebook. The Pattabhirama Temple was just outside the urban core, and these two temples are located still further out.

Raghunatha Temple, which was probably situated next to one of the gateways of an outlying line of fortification

east of kam 01 01east of kam 01 02east of kam 01 03east of kam 01 04east of kam 01 05east of kam 01 06east of kam 01 07east of kam 01 08

Ruins of gateway next to temple

east of kam 01 09

Another nearby temple

east of kam 01 10

A nearby shrine at another (further out) fortification line

east of kam 01 11

Chinna Hudima Temple in the fields (these photos are smudged)

east of kam 02 01


east of kam 02 02

This small temple complex has no mahamandap in front of the ardhmandap of the main temple structure (compare with Pattabhirama Temple as an example)

east of kam 02 03

Ardhmandap with side porches, in front of the antaralay/main shrine

east of kam 02 04

Main shrine and Devi shrine

east of kam 02 05

Looking between the Devi and main shrines towards the kalyan mandap

east of kam 02 06east of kam 02 07

East gopuram

east of kam 02 08

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