Hampi Hopping, Royal Center: Queen’s Bath

To the south-east of the Mahanavami Platform enclosure is the Queen’s Bath, which was probably a bath for the royals/nobles in general. This structure lies just outside the area of the royal enclosures.

The outside walls are severely plain, but the interiors are well decorated with plaster work, and would have been more so when the bath was in use.

Queen’s Bath exterior

queen's bath 01 01

Queen’s Bath, which consists of a central pool surrounded by an arcaded corridor

queen's bath 01 02queen's bath 01 03

Bracketed balconies or jharokhas overhang onto the pool

queen's bath 01 04queen's bath 01 05queen's bath 01 06queen's bath 01 07

Arcaded corridor. The Deccan Sultanate influence is very apparent in the shape of the arches

queen's bath 01 08

Ceiling/vault/dome decoration

queen's bath 01 09queen's bath 01 10queen's bath 01 11queen's bath 01 12queen's bath 01 13queen's bath 01 14queen's bath 01 15queen's bath 01 16

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