Hampi Hopping, Royal Center: Around Queen’s Bath

The Queen’s Bath lies just outside and to the south-east of the royal enclosures. Near and around it are a number of small ruined structures.To the east of the Queen’s Bath are found the Chandrashekhar Temple (16th c AD), the Tiruvengalanath shrine and the interesting Octagonal Bath.

Chandrashekhar Temple

near queen bath 01 01


near queen bath 01 02near queen bath 01 03near queen bath 01 04

Main temple structure with mahamandap, ardhmandap and antaralay/shrine

near queen bath 01 05

Shikhar over the sanctum

near queen bath 01 06

Main and subsidiary shrines

near queen bath 01 07near queen bath 01 08near queen bath 01 09near queen bath 01 10near queen bath 01 11

Tiruvengalanath shrine built on a small rock outcrop

near queen bath 02 01near queen bath 02 02

Octagonal Bath

near queen bath 02 03near queen bath 02 04

near queen bath 02 05

South-west of the Queen’s Bath (south of the royal enclosures) are the ‘bhojan shala’ (dining area) and an octagonal fountain structure

‘Bhojan shala’, with thalis (plates) cut into schist stone. Possibly a place for nobles/priests/visitors to eat at? And the channel at the center could be for food servers to walk in

near queen bath 02 06near queen bath 02 07

Octagonal fountain (photos a little smudged)

near queen bath 02 08near queen bath 02 09

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