Behna Mahadev Temple

Behna is a village located on a high shelf a few dozen meters above the Satluj River, on the road from Rampur to Jalori Pass and the Kullu Valley beyond. Like the Durga Temple at Manan, this is a Satluj Valley Style wooden temple, with a compound gabled roof and multi-storied “pagoda roof” above the sanctum. The temple hall is open on three sides with seating around the perimeter. George Michell’s “Monuments of India” puts this temple as being from the 16th-17th c. However all the woodwork of the temple was recently replaced with new wood. It still looks good, even with the simulated brickwork paint job on the outside.


behna 01


behna 02


behna 03


behna 04


behna 05


behna 06


behna 07


behna 08


behna 09


behna 10


Ancillary buildings

behna 11


behna 12


behna 13


behna 14


behna 15


behna 16

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